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A Healthy Lifestile Is The Key To Success

At Juviva Physiotherapy, We know that a Healthy Lifestile is the key to success. Inactivity wreak havoc on your health. Studies show that inactivity contributes to a host of diseases – from obesity and diabetes to cancer and depression. Inactivity is your enemy and it is murdering your body.

"Taking care of business, includes taking care of your "Self".

High performers are healthier than their peers

Get full value for your money

At Juviva, we use the latest innovation software, which is why we can offer our clients an exclusive and professional app in their process. We gather in the app all your plans and programs, as well as your progression and development, so you can become more efficient and save time in everyday life, while staying focused on the goal.

Goal + Hard Work = Results

Meet Klaus Jørgensen

With more than 60.000+ consultations, 3000+ physiotherapeutic courses and 17 years of experience as a physiotherapist, Klaus har seen most of it and understands how a healthy lifestyle is the key to success. He has the experience and tools to help you perform better.


Can you become a better version of yourself?

Contact Juviva and get a professional assessment. which areas you can work with to be successful in your life / work balance.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Klaus Jørgesen

— Founder Juviva Life/Workbalance —